Wheelchair Tennis

An active life for everyone

The First Steps to Performance

  • Motivation
  • Perseverance
  • Support
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Who are we?

The First Steps to Performance Association is a non-profit organization, founded by an ambitious young man, in order to offer support for people with disabilities, and to allow them the chance to excel in tennis.

What do we do?

Our association’s purpose is to support the wheelchair tennis activities for people with disabilities by offering the necessary equipment and sponsoring, made possible only with your financial help.

How can you help us?

You can support our organization by acquiring the products displayed in the Products page, or by donating. With the offered donations and help, we can efficiently support the wheelchair tennis activities.

The advantages of an active life:


We efficiently transform disabilities into abilities.


Sports encourage an efficient communication, and help cooperating with other people.


An active life leads to creating a positive self-esteem, and motivation necessary for achieving success.


An active life lead to creating a large skill set, and exceptional results no matter the situation.

It is truly impressive. I wish him success and it is admirable what he is doing, how he is fighting to achieve his dream.

Simona Halep